Essay Contest!

As we get this new blog under way, we're looking to gauge the level of interest in the intersection of skepticism and ethics, as well as specific topics that people might want to see addressed here.

So to kick things off, we're running an essay contest!  If you have something to say about how ethics applies to skepticism, how skepticism can be applied to ethics, or just a story to tell that relates the two, then write it up, send it in, and you could win a cash prize!

Contest guidelines

Essays can be any length.  They should cover some topic relating skepticism and ethics, but specifics are up to you. However, there are few things that we are not looking for:

  • No academic discussions of moral philosophy.  This is not an academic endeavor, and essays should be understandable by general readers.
  • No preaching of moral codes.  That is, we're not looking for lists of do's and don'ts.
  • No essays comparing religious views (and that includes atheism vs. religion).  That's not what we're about.

Entries should be submitted by e-mail to  They must arrive in our inbox no later than 12:00 noon PDT on 30 April 2011.  Please include your real name and at least one alternate way to contact you in case we cannot reply to your e-mail.

Limit one entry per person, please.  Entries must be original, owned by you, and should not have been previously published.  By submitting your entry, you grant us the right to publish your essay on our blog, with suitable attribution.  In addition to consideration for the cash prize, we may also invite some entrants to become regular blog contributors.


Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 essays we receive by the due date.  Winners will be contacted no later than 30 June 2011 to make the arrangements to deliver the prizes.

  • First prize: US$1,000.00
  • Second prize: US$750.00
  • Third prize:  US$500.00
  • Fourth prize: US$250.00
  • Fifth prize: US$100.00

Any or all submitted essays may be published on the Skepticism and Ethics blog.


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