Contest Deadline Extended

Due to recent increased interest, we are extending the deadline for our essay contest by two weeks, to Saturday 14 May 2011, at 12:00 noon PDT.  You have until then to get your entries in at

Also, please accept our apologies for our anonymity.  We will remain anonymous only for the duration of the contest; once the deadline has passed, we will be more forthcoming about who we are.  The main reason for this secrecy is so that people won't try to skew their entries towards a topic or argument that they think we might be more inclined to find favorable, based on their knowledge of us, or what they can dig up on us on the Internet.

So please bear with us for the next couple of weeks.  Looking forward to seeing your entries!

[updated to correct the erroneous e-mail address]


  1. It's odd that nobody else has commented on these.

    I've netred the contest, but I do have to wonder just how legitimate this is...having only just put thought into that.

    Well, I hope it is legitimate...

  2. We hope so, too! :)

    Really, we are serious about this. Telling you that probably doesn't help, though, since you can't trust what I say.

    Thanks for entering!

  3. Wow, I really was tired when I wrote that..."netred"

    Anyway, for now I shall trust you!



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