Friday, May 20, 2011

A small voice says, "Please stop," while the crowd yells, "Off with his head!"

On April 6th, Rebecca Watson posted an entry on Skepchick about Lawrence Krauss, who had been quoted in a Daily Beast article defending his friend, financier Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein had been embroiled in a sex scandal involving underage girls, and Dr. Krauss, in the quote, expressed his skepticism of the allegations of sex trafficking and pedophilia that had been made. Rebecca mercilessly ridiculed Krauss for what she saw as an abuse of science and skepticism in the service of sexism and denial of criminal behavior.

That blog post, and the many comments that followed, touched a nerve -- in fact, multiple nerves -- for me. To explain why, I need to tell you about my background:

I grew up in a community of devout Christians, of the fire-and-brimstone kind. They saw the world in black and white, because they had God and his good book on their side. Even as a child, I struggled to understand this view of the world; I didn't like their God or his book, and unlike my parents or their friends, the world, to me, was gray. My father was a pastor, and my mother was (to me, anyway) very much like the Old Testament God -- cruel, vindictive, quick to find fault, and harsh in her punishment. The world was very black and white to her, too. My sister was good, and I was bad -- "the bane of her existence," "the cross she had to bear," and "one of life's trials and tribulations." She would frequently remind me of how truly disgusting I was -- skinny, ugly, smelly, stupid, and unloveable. She told me this for my own good, of course. "The truth hurts," she would say. "You'll have to learn to live with it." This often happened in front of others, who would either sit by silently, or nod in approval at her biblical approach to child-rearing.

One Saturday, when I was 13, I was home alone, asleep, when my sister's boyfriend came into my bedroom. He told me he loved me, and started doing things to me. I didn't know what was going on at the time -- I knew nothing about sex or rape, with my strict upbringing -- but I didn't like it, and I did my best to fight him off. My head hit hard on the bedframe during the struggle, and I lost consciousness.

Some time later, when my mother arrived home, she barged into my bedroom to rouse me out of bed, and yelled at me for not yet mowing the lawn (one of my assigned chores that day). I told her my sister's boyfriend had hurt me, that I felt sick, and my head hurt. She slapped me across the face and berated me for making up such a ridiculous lie. It was the most vicious tirade I've ever heard from my mom. I never saw her more angry. She sent me off to mow the lawn. As I pushed the mower, I questioned myself: Had I imagined it? Was I lying? Had I just had a blackout (which happened frequently, as I had low blood pressure) and hit my head accidentally? While I was still out with the lawn mower, my father returned home and my mother sent him out to spank me with the board he used on such occasions.

That night, feeling nauseous, with a massive headache, I was so confused that I really didn't know whether it had happened or not. I hadn't meant to lie, but I must have. My mother was right: I was nothing but bad, and she and the world would be better off without me. I took a paring knife from the kitchen and tried to slash my wrist; in that moment, I, too, was seeing things solely in black and white, as my mother did. But the knife was dull, my head was pounding, and I was weak and shaky from not eating all day. I blacked out before I could cut deep enough into my wrist to do the job. The next thing I remember is my mother yelling at me from the kitchen to go clean the church for the Sunday morning services. Life was back to normal.

When my sister's boyfriend attacked me a second time, I knew I hadn't imagined it. Over the next four years, I put up with his sexual abuse (as I came to understand it later). Putting up with the sexual abuse was far less painful than the continuous verbal abuse I suffered at the hands of my mother.

* * *

So you can see how the issue of molesting underage girls would be a deeply personal one for me. All of these painful memories came rushing back when I read Rebecca's post. It sounded as though Dr. Krauss had turned a blind eye to sexual abuse, and I was upset by that. My mother and (as I discovered much later) others in my own family had done the same to me, and I cringe when I think it may have happened to other young girls.

And yet, there were things about that post, and the ensuing comments, that bothered me.

My skeptical antennae first went up when I clicked through the links Rebecca provided to the articles on which she based her post. They were highly sensationalized and inflammatory, and I found very little, if any, established fact. Even though I was upset by what Dr. Krauss had said, this lack of evidence disturbed me.

Many of the comments on that post disturbed me, too. It sounded like the gathering of a lynch mob, with plenty of moral outrage, and scorn heaped on Dr. Krauss and the few commenters that questioned the others' certainty about what had happened. Some commenters confused Krauss with Epstein, and one went so far as to wonder if Krauss, too, is a sex offender, since he was defending one. This is a very serious accusation to make, as it could destroy someone's reputation. Worse, making such an accusation, when it is completely unfounded, makes things that much harder for actual victims to be believed.

Besides my mother not believing me, I've heard it from others, some of whom should have known better. When I was in my 30s I was having difficulties with my health, my job and my life. I went to see a GP about my frequent headaches, and psychologists and psychiatrists for counseling. When I told them about my sexual abuse, I got responses such as, "Did you enjoy it?" "When you were under 16, it was his fault, after 16, it was yours," and "You must have asked for it." It's hard enough to withstand this sort of attitude, but witch hunts based on false accusations don't help, as it makes those that hold that attitude feel even more justified in doing so.

So I embarked on a mission to find out as much as I could about the Epstein case. It took many hours of reading through the news stories, blog posts, and documents that I could find on the Internet, to gather what factual information I could. It wasn't easy, given the sensitive subject, and because the events in question happened several years ago. What facts I did find, while bad, weren't as damning as Rebecca's post and the comments had originally led me to believe:

  • After an 11-month investigation, the Palm Beach police filed a probable-cause affidavit recommending that Epstein be charged with four counts of illegal sexual activity with a minor (which in Florida means sexual activity between an adult and a minor at least age 16) and one count of sexual molestation (which means sexual activity between an adult and a minor under 16).
  • The state attorney's office did not bring these charges immediately, but instead called a grand jury to review the evidence. The grand jury found that there was insufficient evidence to support the charges, and could recommend only a charge of solicitation of prostitution (and not of a minor).
  • The police had also called in the FBI and federal prosecutors, as they continued to suspect Epstein of some more serious crime. However, no federal charges were brought against Epstein. Instead, his lawyers and the federal prosecutors negotiated a non-prosecution agreement in which he would agree to plead guilty to a state charge of solicitation of an underage prostitute, and register as a sex offender. In exchange for that plea and Epstein's fulfillment of the other terms of the agreement, the federal prosecutors agreed to suspend a grand jury review of the evidence for any federal charges.
  • The agreement also stipulated that Epstein would offer to settle out of court any civil suits brought by the alleged victims, and cover their legal costs if they chose to settle.

I kept asking myself, "What am I missing? Why can't I see what seems so black and white to everyone else?" Here was a man who was routinely called a pedophile and sexual predator in the press, but every time I looked for facts to back up those assertions, I came away less than convinced of the reported accusations. There was no trial, so what evidence there was didn't get a full hearing. There were court filings, but those were allegations for the civil suits, so they, too, had not been tested in court. A number of the witnesses turned out to be rather shady themselves, and unfortunately, even some of the girls lacked credibility. This was a lot messier, and a lot grayer, than what I'd seen on Skepchick and other skeptic blogs.

I came to the conclusion, based on the evidence I could find, that Dr. Krauss's description of the situation was plausible, and therefore reasonable. The girls had been informed of what to expect before going to Epstein's house and were told to lie about their ages; some went back multiple times, and some brought friends. There was no substantive evidence of any international sex trafficking or island orgies. Nor was there evidence that Epstein used his wealth and influence to obstruct the proceedings, just suspicions. He even admitted in one interview that he had behaved inappropriately and was not blameless. And the plea agreement meant that the girls were at least spared from having to be witnesses, subject to cross-examination by high-powered attorneys intent on destroying their credibility.

I'm upset about those girls; even if they hadn't been brought to Epstein's house by force, what sort of lives did they have that they would involve themselves in something like this? Perhaps the settlements will provide them with the opportunity to take a better path than the one they were on before meeting Epstein. If that happens, then something positive will result from this sordid affair.

Epstein is no saint, but he doesn't appear to be the monster he has been made out to be. And Dr. Krauss isn't a self-justifying, sold-out dupe, since the evidence I found supports his claims. I could be wrong about Epstein, and if substantive evidence does turn up, I will reconsider my opinion. Dr. Krauss says essentially the same thing. We have both done our best to reach a provisional conclusion based on evidence. Isn't that being skeptical?

While I was initially upset by the stories about Epstein's alleged abuse of young girls, and Dr. Krauss's support of Epstein, in the end I was horrified by the lynch-mob mentality that I saw among my fellow skeptics, venting righteous indignation and rushing to judgment based on suspicions, rumors, and tabloid sensationalism. I walked away from the black-and-white world I grew up in, and I don't want to end up back where I started.

Ethics demand that we do what is right for the helpless victims of abuse. Skepticism demands that we base our conclusions on the facts. For me, at least, ethics demand that as well -- no matter how noble our intentions, if we see things solely in black and white, we may be missing the shades of gray, and bad things can happen as a result.


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  1. Very, very powerful. Thank you so much for writing this.

  2. I was touched deeply by your post. You , indeed, have used skepticism and critical thinking to look at the actual evidence and form your opinion based on that. Good for you and I wish you all the health and happiness you deserve. Dr. Robert B Feaker Sr.

  3. A good well thought out and researched post. I look forward to future posts. A lot of time went into this post and sometimes it takes a person that is willing to put in the time to show the rest of us how to do it! Thank you for sharing a difficult part of your life, to help educate us all. In a way you are putting your own positive spin on a difficult and sad past.

  4. Given the frequency that religious figures have their misdeeds forgotten or ignored, it is understandable that skeptics would want to avoid similar behaviour. We don't want to give prominent skeptics a free pass for unethical behaviour. It sounds like that intention was overly applied here.
    Thanks for speaking out.

  5. Give me a freaking break. He had the best possible legal team money could buy, who conducted extremely detailed, thorough, and intrusive investigation into every facet of the case. He certainly had enough money to go to trial with a whole team of first class lawyers at his side if he wanted to, and yet pled guilty and got a prison sentence.

    That is a fact. That is evidence. That is, in fact, the only real reliable data that you, and Dr. Krauss have.

    Give me a freaking break.

  6. "I saw among my fellow skeptics, venting righteous indignation and rushing to judgment based on suspicions, rumors, and tabloid sensationalism."

    I am sorry, but you are a complete idiot. Once again HE FREAKING PLED GUILTY!!!!!!!

  7. Rich, that might be the facts, but the vast majority of the 'lynch mob' didn't research all the information, they immediately chimed in. Without evidence other than what they read on a random, un-footnoted blog.

  8. @festivus2007: I think it's pretty clear from the post that she knows Epstein pled guilty -- to one count of solicitation of an underage prostitute, and that he registered as a sex offender. But she, like Dr. Krauss, was pointing out that the allegations in the press, and in the blogosphere, went way beyond what he had pled guilty to... and that they strayed far from the reliable data that you mention.

    It doesn't seem reasonable to start wondering aloud if Krauss himself is a sex offender, or even to say he has "embarrassed scientists everywhere," just because he's questioned the wild allegations for which there has been no real evidence presented.

  9. Wow. Thank you for writing this powerful article.

  10. Agreed. Pretty persuasive and thought-provoking piece.

  11. "He certainly had enough money to go to trial with a whole team of first class lawyers at his side if he wanted to, and yet pled guilty and got a prison sentence.

    That is a fact. That is evidence. That is, in fact, the only real reliable data that you, and Dr. Krauss have."

    Right. So by that logic Epstein is not guilty of anything other than what he pled guilty to, and the claims in Rebecca's piece are sensationalist and unsubstantiated.

    Thank you for the all the work in putting this together. It's nice to know that some skeptics know what skeptical inquiry entails.

  12. Krause is judged guilty by association. Watson is employing left wing McCarthyism. Why are so many skeptics empowering her?


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