Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Sinking of the Titanic

We’ve hit an iceberg, and there is confusion, hysteria, and not enough life boats to save us all.

We were too sure that skeptic methodology alone would always keep us afloat, that critical thinking, based on evidence, would protect us from the icebergs of dogmatism and cults of personality. After all, no matter what, reason and evidence would always win out in the end.

But dogmatism and cults of personality have great appeal to our basic human nature. We didn’t see that if we continued on our way, without fully assessing the danger of these icebergs floating in our waters, we would be doomed to hit a big one and sink.

We failed to exercise caution in who we chose as our spokespeople. We chose “celebrities” who amused us and promoted their conclusions, rather than the skeptic methodology which leads to those conclusions.

We’re sinking! Abandon ship!

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