About this blog

We set up this blog to provide a place to discuss the intersection of skepticism and ethics. Posts will generally be about:

  • ethical issues in skepticism
  • applying skepticism to ethics
  • stories relating the two

These are fairly broad categories, and we hope they will spark some interesting and constructive dialogues. We have only a few guidelines:

  • We aren't philosophers by trade, blog posts will generally not be academic discussions of philosophy. That's not to say that such discussions aren't important, but they can be difficult for non-philosophers to comprehend.
  • We aren't trying to be prescriptive. Skepticism is about inquiry, and we don't want to stifle that inquiry by advocating moral codes that everyone must follow. So while you may see a post that discusses a particular ethical position, the author's opinion should not be taken as a general recommendation by us to adhere to that position. Feel free to ask questions or to comment.
  • This site isn't about promoting any particular religious view, or comparing different religious views (including atheism vs. religion). Religion or atheism may be mentioned, as they often are in discussions of morality and ethics, but only to provide context.

As the site develops, we may change these guidelines, or add more. We may make mistakes and stray from them, from time to time. If we do, let us know. Ultimately, though, we want this site to be helpful and thought-provoking to people who are interested in these areas. If you have particular topics you would like to see discussed, or suggestions for improvements, please let us know by commenting or by e-mail admin <at> skepticismandethics.com.

Comments Policy

We hope this site will stimulate productive conversations about ethics and skepticism. Comments are very welcome, but we understand that any discussions that involve morals and ethics can be emotionally charged.  Please help us by adding to the conversation, commenting on the topic at hand.  Here are our guidelines for comments.  We've kept them fairly basic; they may change in the future.

  • You must log in to leave a comment.
  • Comments that are obviously spam will be deleted and marked as such.
  • Comments that are personal attacks are inappropriate and unhelpful.  Please keep your questions or arguments about the issue, not the person. 
  • Comment moderation is currently turned off by default.  We may start moderating comments if discussions start going too far off track.
  • If a comment you have left does not appear after a reasonable amount of time, please contact us at admin <at> skepticismandethics.com.
  • We reserve the right to delete comments that violate this policy, and to block comments from anyone who consistently violates this policy.

If you have questions or comments about this policy, or to report a violation of it, please contact us at admin <at> skepticismandethics.com.